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Our Story.

Where it all began

Our Mission

        After graduating with my master's degree, I accepted a job with a premier sports performance company in Texas.  I worked with first-round NFL draft picks, Major League Baseball stars, Olympians, professional softball players, Team USA basketball members, college athletes in nearly every sport, and numerous household sports names that most people could only dream of meeting.  

        I also worked with youth athletes and adult populations where I began noticing some barriers that hindered these groups from receiving the same quality care and attention that the pros got. 


1. Nutrition - Very few youth athletes (or adults) were ever coached on how to properly fuel their bodies to maximize their training efforts.

2. Price - Not everyone could afford to pay the professional athlete sports performance bill.

3. Time - Not everyone can allot the time in their schedule to make a class at exactly 5:00pm.  

4. Groups - Some people wanted individual programs that built upon their current skillsets and fit their personal performance goals, but they simply were not offered. 

5. Location - Not everyone can drive to a specific facility or even access a gym. 

        Then, something happened that drove me to take action.  I was at a showcase with about 250 high school juniors and seniors.  I was talking with the national cross-checker (high-level scout) for the Washington Nationals and he told me this:

"Out of all of the kids on this field, maybe 2 could play for a college program and maybe 1 could play for my team."  

Naturally, I asked, "why is that?"

        He said "They don't pass the eye test.  Just by looking at them, I can tell you they don't have the physicality to step on a college or professional baseball field and compete." 

        In this moment, our sports performance program was born.  We are giving athletes the necessary sports performance and nutrition tools to achieve their goals and be able to compete at higher levels of play.  Through SPN, athletes now have access to professional sports performance coaches that will write programs easily accessible through an app equipped with video demonstrations and progress tracking capabilities. This will allow athletes to train where they want, when they want, all while receiving detailed sports nutrition advice from our experts that will guide them on how to properly fuel their bodies in accordance with their goals for optimal results.

        Parents should not have to break the bank for their athletes to attend sports performance classes.   Nor should they be forced into making their athletes miss classes because of scheduling conflicts.  Our program was designed with parents in mind so start now and set your athletes apart from the rest.

- Jimbo Pernetti


        Our mission is to provide affordable, flexible programs for all sports, in line with any lifestyle. No more expensive trainers, scheduling conflicts, or inability to train without access to a gym. Our professional strength and conditioning coaches create fully customized programs for each of our athlete's unique situations and personal sports performance goals.

        And we didn't stop there. We knew that in order to create top-performing athletes, we had to address the nutrition side of training as well. So that's what we did. Our holistic approach enlists our sports nutrition experts to work alongside our performance team to tailor plans that will fit fueling needs to maximize training efforts AND develop healthy habits that will be applicable throughout each athlete's life.

        Our team is here to work with YOU in order to help you achieve your goals by providing you with all the necessary tools needed to excel both in and out of your sport.

- Your SPN Team


Jimbo Headshot.JPG

Jimbo Pernetti

Director of Sports Performance

Jimbo is a former college baseball player and Rawlings Gold-Glove recipient for Chico State in California.  He is also a former member of Team USA's men's fast-pitch team.  He has worked professionally in the Sports Performance industry across a wide variety of sports. He has a bachelor's degree in Exercise Physiology, a master's degree in Biomechanics and is a Certified Sports Performance Coach. 

I felt like I couldn't put on weight no matter how much I ate.  Marissa and Jimbo put a program together for me and I started seeing the results immediately.

Daniel McDonald

- SPN Athlete

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