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Help Berkley Fight Cancer

Enter to Win a Custom Glove! All Proceeds Go to Berkley and Her Family.

"Our girl Berkley has been dealing with a lot of pain in her left hip/pelvic area the past couple months. After a friend/doctor watched Berkley play volleyball one weekend he suggested we have her checked out when we got back in town because she wasn’t moving well and had muscle atrophy on her left leg. 


On March 13 we went to see him for what we thought would be a pulled muscle or some sort of sports related injury, but an x-ray showed there was something unusual going on in that left pelvic region and an MRI was ordered for that afternoon. The MRI came back first thing the next morning and showed a large mass on her left Ilium.  To say this news was devastating is an understatement. She had just been playing volleyball 3 days ago on it, how could she have cancer? A world of emotions were had the next couple weeks as we dealt with appts, doctors and waited on results. After a biopsy was taken March 19th she was officially diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma. 


The game plan will be a 14 day chemo cycle, but not exactly sure what that will look like. She will do Chemo for 12 weeks, then surgery or radiation and then another 9 week cycle of Chemo. We are looking at 6-9 months treatment plan at this point. Obviously all subject to change.


If any of you know Berkley she is a Firecracker and will fight tooth and nail. I have no doubt Berkley will beat this and one day have her story to tell. 


All the prayers and love for our girl and family are greatly appreciated.  We want to thank everyone for all the love and support we have already received. We will do our best to keep updating as things progress."

- The Cudd Family


This fundraiser is closed.  Thank you for all your support!

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